3 Benefits of an Art Retreat

art retreat

First off, what is an artist retreat? Artist retreats are breaks from life that allow craftspeople working in different media to experience a calming environment in which to create rewarding work within a community. Artist retreats can help us to not only enhance our artistry but also work on ourselves. Stepping back from the demands of every day can…

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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

wedding photographer

It may seem like the easy way out to just hire your amateur photographer cousin, or to rely on friends and family to take photos of your special day. This will probably save you money, however it won’t make your day any less stressful. It’s a professional’s job to make your life easier while also getting the photographs and videos you dream…

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Your Wedding Planning Checklist

Cottonwood Resort

Your dreams are coming true; you’re getting married! As exciting as this time of your life feels, it can soon turn into a nightmare. Here at The Cottonwood Resort, we aren’t going to let that happen. So many things to do, how do you keep it all straight? With a wedding planning checklist of course! So, before you…

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