Reasons to Take a Family Vacation

Family vacations sometimes get overlooked when planning your next adventure. Some even see it as a hassle to get everyone together for a getaway. The world is much more fast-paced and technology-absorbed than it ever has been before. We tend to forget the things in life that truly matter. However, making time for family is something everyone needs. Spending time with your loved ones while creating some of your best lifetime memories should be cherished. Here are some reasons to make your next vacation a family vacation: 

The family that plays together stays together. 

What better way to grow together than to adventure together on a family vacation? Family bonding is critical. Your family members are the people that will be with you through everything. Even through challenging situations, your real family will never let you down. It is a blessing to build close family relationships. By doing so, you create lifelong memories with the people who mean the most in your life. 

Experiences are more valuable than things. 

Traveling with children can seem like a hassle, but there is no better way to teach them to enjoy new experiences than with a family vacation. Letting them explore alongside you as you experience things together can affect your children beyond belief. Even the tiniest change of scenery can change the whole world in a child’s eyes. You will always remember the first time they experienced the beach, the first time they saw the sunrise over the mountains, and the first time they tried new or unusual food. There has never been a better time to get them out of the house and trying something new. 

Family vacations build memories that last a lifetime. 

Have you ever sat around the table and recounted memories with your family members? It is a pleasure to remember the funny things, the things that made you all smile, and even some of the sad moments you have in common. You can look back on them, not all on your own, but with the whole family that shares the same fondness of those memories with you. Memorable family vacation moments last a lifetime, sometimes even longer, as stories get passed down and shared with future generations. 

As far as memories go, we tend to remember the good things. The time spent together as a family, new things discovered together, and friends made in new places on a family vacation all add to long-term memories. Whether you choose to pack the kids in the car for a “one-tank trip” three-day weekend or fly to a more exotic destination, the benefits are the same.  

Some say, “It does not matter what we are doing, as long as we are doing it together.” We agree with that adage and invite you to get away for a high-quality family vacation. Join us at The Cottonwood Resort, an authentic, comfortable western experience where you can enjoy a four-bed, five-bath lodge with indoor and outdoor activities for the whole family.