“My Corporate Retreat Experience”

by our recent corporate retreat guest, Marcie Roberts.

We recently hosted a corporate event here at The Cottonwood Resort for Anton Jae Global. Anton Jae Global had five of their strategists in training stay at the resort for a rewarding five-day training course. One of the guests, Marcie Roberts, wanted to share her experience with those who might be considering a corporate retreat at The Cottonwood: 

“My experience at The Cottonwood was no less than incredible from start to finish. To give you a little back story, our team works remotely, so many of us had only met virtually and had not spent in-person time together. I had never been to Montana before nor have I ever attended a corporate retreat. Needless to say, I was beyond excited for the change of pace, the chance to spend time with my co-workers, and the opportunity to work on myself and how I can be a better person and employee. From the moment I arrived, I was in awe of the scenery! The ranch and resort are spectacular, a perfect paradise. You might know Montana’s nickname is “Big Sky Country” named after the endless unobstructed skyline and let me tell you, The Cottonwood’s location does not undervalue this nickname.  I arrived later in the evening and I was worried about the timing, but I was still greeted by the property owners, Abby and Mark, with smiling faces and assistance with all my bags. Already The Cottonwood is welcoming me with open arms. 

The pictures online do not do the resort justice. This place is massive! From the spacious farmhouse kitchen, to the tall ceilings, and beautiful woodwork of the living room, this lodge truly embodies the Montana Ranch aesthetic. I was led to the bedroom that I was sharing with my co-workers, and then I saw the bathroom… Seriously folks, this bathroom with a walk-in closet, two vanities, makeup lighting, stand up shower, and jacuzzi tub blew me away! The room was very comfortable. My two co-workers and I had plenty of space to spread out our things for the week. We even had a window air conditioner, in addition to the resort air conditioner, so you could adjust the room temperature to our sleeping preferences, which I really appreciated!

Every morning of the retreat I was able to wake up to the gorgeous sprawling ranch view, sprinkled with every color of horse you can think of – the perfect way to kick off a productive morning let me tell you. The lodge kitchen was stocked full of everything I could want for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. Plus, the onsite cook, Jen, was the sweetest delight and every day made the most delicious meals for us! Having Jen there allowed all of us to focus on our training until the meal was ready. That definitely made the retreat more relaxing for me especially, because I didn’t have to worry about cooking! 

The Cottonwood is the complete package when it comes to having a corporate retreat. It allowed our team to get away from all of the craziness of the world and come together as a cohesive unit. If you needed a moment alone to take a breather or to recuperate from the day, the property offered so many ways to do so. From serene walks by the rushing river through the Cottonwood trees, to freely petting the horses, and laughing at the chickens, there was not a moment that I felt stressed by the work we were doing. We were able to learn and grow together thanks to the freedom and natural inspiration The Cottonwood provided. Even though many of us had just met in-person by the end of the week we were communicating like never before. It was as if we had known, and worked with, each other for years. We spoke freely and passionately about our ideas knowing that we now had each other’s backs.  

I would recommend The Cottonwood Resort to anyone considering having a corporate retreat. Our team has already made significant progress from the experience. The staff met every need we had with smiling faces and the Montana scenery is unparalleled. The ranch has anything and everything to satisfy your organization’s desire for entertainment and progress. It is absolutely an unmatched experience.