5 Reasons to Vacation in Montana

Looking to go on vacation and there are too many places to choose from? Look no further! Montana is the place to be. With 147,040 square miles of beautiful scenery, Montana will captivate you the moment you arrive. From the wide-open prairies to the snow-capped mountains, there are plenty of sights to see. Let loose, have fun, and create unforgettable memories on your adventure. Here are five reasons you should take a vacation to Montana:

  1. Wide Open Spaces

They do not call Montana “Big Sky Country” for nothing. Montana is one of America’s last frontiers. There are breathtaking views as far as the eye can see. Endless wildlife and unobstructed blue skies for you to take in every moment of your stay. Sometimes it is hard to tell where the sky ends and the land begins, but you will have to see it to believe it. 

  1. Good Ol’ Western Hospitality

You hear a lot about the South with their sweet southern hospitality, but what about the hospitality of the West? Well, there is nowhere better to find it than in the beautiful state of Montana. The locals will not hesitate to make you feel at home and they want to make your trip memorable, just as much as you do. 

  1. The Yummy Food

Food is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Montana, but it’s another factor that makes it so great. Most chefs and restaurants in Montana take pride in being locally sourced, setting them above the rest. You will be served the freshest and most authentic food you can get.. And who doesn’t love great, fresh food?

  1. The Endless Activities

Montana has so much to offer that you cannot possibly get bored.  With nine national parks, Montana is one of the United States best places to hike and camp. Montana also has thrilling whitewater rafting, fly fishing, skiing, and the unbeatable ranches and rodeos! There is something for everyone to enjoy!

  1. Montana is Wild

It is hard to find places that have been untouched by the works of man. So much wildlife has been pushed back to make room for new buildings and parking lots. Montana is where you can find hidden gems of unaffected wilderness. There are still so many wild views to see in the mountains and valleys of Montana. Go off-the-grid to have the adventure of a lifetime. 

Seeing Montana is an unforgettable experience. So if you are thinking of taking a trip and do not know where to go, we recommend Montana. Need a place to stay? We have that too! Start your authentic Montana experience with us. At the Cottonwood Resort, you can comfortably have room for up to 16 guests, while enjoying all that Montana has to offer.